Content Policy
To promote a creative experience that is ethical, safe and beneficial for all, AI-DEATE prohibits the use of our platform for:
  • Any unlawful purpose that violates applicable laws or regulations.
  • Exploiting or harming minors in any way.
  • Generating or spreading verifiably false information meant to harm others.
  • Sharing personally identifiable data used to harm individuals.
  • Defaming, harassing, or discriminating against people or groups.
  • Fully automated decision making that negatively impacts people's rights or creates enforceable obligations without consent.
  • Discriminating against or harming people based on predicted personality traits or characteristics.
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities to psychologically or physically harm people based on their age, ability, or other attributes.
  • Discriminating against legally protected groups.
  • Providing medical advice or interpretations.
  • Generating or sharing information for law enforcement or legal purposes like predicting criminal behavior or immigration fraud without cause.
AI-DEATE champions human creativity, diversity and empowerment. We built our platform to inspire imagination in a responsible, compassionate way. Any content or use that contradicts these values will result in the banning of associated user accounts.